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When it comes to Shisha, you want to make sure that you're setting it up correctly and smoking it correctly in order to get the full benefits that come with it, some of which provide health benefits. Our frequently asked question space will walk you through all of this below.

  1. How to set up Shisha?
    1. Clean the Pipe - Take a soft brush and water and clean your device thoroughly. Disconnect all of the parts, and don't get the hoses wet. Allow them to air dry. 

    2. Pour Cold Water Into the Vase - There is a large glass container at the bottom of the device. Fill it with cold water until it covers 2.5 cm of the metal stem. 

    3. Insert the Shaft into the Vase - Lower your device's shaft into the vase until the stem hits the water. Double check that the silicone or rubber piece around the connection point is airtight. 

    4. Connect the Hoses - Your hoses will slide into holes along the side of the shaft. 

    5. Check Airflow - Put your hand on top of the stem and try to inhale using the hose. If you can, you don't have airtight seals.

    6. Add Your Metal Tray - Finally, you want to position your metal tray on the shaft to catch the excess tobacco and hot embers if they fall. 

  2. How to smoke Shisha?
    • Stir Your Shisha - You want to stir your Shisha when you open it to mix the tobacco. 

    • Break the Shisha Up - You want to gently break your Shisha up and place it in your bowl of choice. Make sure it's fairly loose to get good airflow.

    • Cover with Foil - Cover the top of the bowl with heavy-duty foil. Crimp the edges to secure it. 

    • Put the Bowl on Top of the Shaft - You should place your foil-covered bowl on top of the shaft, and poke several holes in the foil. 

    • Light the Coals - Light two or three coals and place them directly on top of your foil layer on your bowl. Put them in an even ring on your Shisha bowl to prevent burning. 

    • Inhale - Once everything gets warm, you can inhale through the hose and smoke your Shisha.


If you'd like to rent Shisha materials, purchase fruit heads or inquire about our flavours, get in touch with us today! We're happy to help answer any questions you may have!

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