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Shisha Flavours


At Chief Shisha, we have over 14 different Shisha flavours to pick from, and we've worked hard to bring you a variety of fruity and cool flavour combinations that pack a punch and last long from the first hit until you’re finished. 

If you'd like a taste of the tropics, we invite you to try our kiwi or melon flavours. Their slightly sweet taste pairs wonderfully with your fresh fruit head to bring you a unique taste that lasts throughout your smoking session.

Maybe you're in the mood for citrus. If so, we have lemon and orange flavours that hit you with a tangy fruit flavour that you have to experience to believe! We also offer flavours like double apple, grape, blueberry, watermelon, peach, strawberry and gum that can give you a refreshing way to beat the heat in the hotter Australian summer months and a fruity sensation in the cooler months.

Our mint flavour gives you a cool hit of flavour that saturates for an icy finish also offering our signature Chief Mist and Summer Mist flavour combinations if you're in the mood for something truly unique. Our blend of Shisha flavours come designed to mix with your chosen flavour for a strong and lasting experience that stays with you long after you finish your Shisha session. 

All of the items on our Shisha flavour list can come prepared in a fresh fruit head along with a Shisha, directly to your door through our delivery service and we'll get them on their way to you minutes after you order. This prompt delivery ensures that you can enjoy your chosen flavours quickly and easily. 

Additionally, we allow you to choose the time that best suits you to bring your order to your doorstep! You won't have to worry about scheduling your day around our delivery service and you won't need to worry about missing the delivery entirely. Everything comes to you in our famous Chief Shisha carrying bag and delivery costs is completely free and inclusive of the prices shown. No surprises, just genuine service.

Contact Chief Shisha Today!


Are you curious about our Shisha flavours? Maybe you'd like to know more or you have questions. Either way, we are happy to answer and invite you to contact today! 

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