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Shisha HeaD

Do you have your own Shisha and you simply need Shisha heads to round out the experience? You may also not have the time or want to take advantage of our convenient service. If so, you're in luck! We have a selection of quality shisha heads alone available, which comes with complimentary coal as well! The Chief’s can help you bring your next experience up to a whole new level. 

Whether this is your first experience with Shisha, or if you're a regular connoisseur, we have the equipment and fresh fruit you need. We offer pineapple, apple and orange heads delivered fresh to your door throughout Sydney’s west and inner west. 

We offer a traditional Khalil Maamoon, this Middle Eastern styled Shisha brings the fruit flavours to the forefront for a smooth finish that will transport you to a tropical vacation each time you indulge. You can use our fresh and large pineapple Shisha fresh heads to get a burst of flavour from start to finish. Additionally, our orange and apple Shisha heads bring a lasting flavour that pairs beautifully with your flavour of choice. 

The fruit flavour and juices mix and mingle with the molasses to create a unique and smooth flavour that is pleasant from the first hit to finish. Our Shisha heads are well-renowned for being long lasting and smooth, providing lots of smoke. In turn, you can enjoy your smoking session by yourself or with your friends. 

You'll also get a pleasant aroma when you use our Shisha heads, and it can promote a relaxing environment. The fruit Shisha heads give you a flare to your hangouts and you'll be able to use it to impress your guests, improve your experience and more. It is a great treat to serve to guests and friends alike.

We invite you to experiment with our various Shisha heads to see which one you like best, but we can guarantee that all of our products will be delivered directly to your door in our signature Chief Shisha bag!

Contact Chief Shisha Today!


Do you need Shisha head to complete your setup? Maybe you have questions about our delivery service or products. Either way, we invite you to reach out and contact our staff today to find out more! 

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