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gift it shisha hire

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Same Day delivery

We offer same day delivery with the daily cut off being 3pm. If an order is placed after this time, it will be delivered the following day. Delivery bracket is between 3pm and 7:30pm.


This product includes a popping confetti balloon being one of three colours, your chosen occasion card + personalised message, a Shisha decorated with black &gold ribbons and a gifting bow as well as a fruit decorated Shisha head.

Personalised Message + Card

Pick the card for your occasion/ reason for your gift from Happy Birthday to a Congratulations and everything else in between! Write your personalised message and it will be placed on the inside of the card which hangs off the shisha delivered to the recipient.

How it works

Order your Gift it Shisha Hire online. Select the colour of your confetti balloon, select the card suited to the occasion or reason for gifting, select the type or fruit head for the Shisha and associated flavours of the head. Write the personalised message you wish to be placed on the inside of the card in the special requests shown at the bottom of the product options and select any add ons that your recipient may enjoy! 

how to use

First, tag @ChiefShishaDrop on your social channels. Please note your gift is a hire, not a purchase to keep. Second, Pop your confetti balloon and make sure you record it. Once popped, ensure you remove the balloon from the Shisha along with any confetti that has fallen on the fruit head or top plate. Plug the short end of the hose provided into the hose hole which will contain a white rubber. Light your Coals, place around the edges of the head (not the middle), using 2-3 coals for apples or oranges and 3-4 coals for pineapples. The more coal, the more smoke. Be careful not to overload the head with coal as it will burn out faster. Enjoy and once used, please place on the front porch of your home, ready for collection the next morning. Regift the Chief by using the discount code contained on the flyer, for your next gift.

Delivery & return

The Gift will be delivered with live tracking sent to the number associated with the order placed online. Once used, the recipient is to place the Shisha on the front porch for collection, which will occur the following day after being received.
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